Hospital Mini G1 B Trolley

Hospital Mini G1 B Trolley


It is a multipurpose trolley which is used at dusting, waste collection, floor mopping and cleaning of surfaces areas.

Technical Details:

• Metarial is Polypropylene copolymer which is certificated environmental product and completly recycable.
• Strong, tough, ergonomic, modular, easy to assemble and clean.
• The base can be equipped with an additional fifth wheel in the middle to be much stronger in case of a heavy loaded trolley.
• 2x60L or 120L Garbage Bage Holder with ergonomic push-bar. If you remove sperator into garbage base, 2x60L would be 120L.
• Garbage Bag Holder is completely closed for a better hygiene and there are 2 doors that helps the operator while emptying the bag left and right sides.
• Upper bucket with red and blue color 6L buckets with lid
• Red and Blue 18 L buckets which allow to separate the cleaning solution from rinse water for better cleaning results and hygiene, saving water, cleaning solution and labour time and consequently minimum effort of the operatör.
• Strong and regity Down-Press Wringer is ideal for kentucky mops and Speedy mop system. Optional Side by Side wringer is availbale.
• 1 x Mop Handle Holder and 1x Mop Frame Holder.

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Technical Table

HOS MGB1D 26 1 94x60x52 92x56x120
HOS MGB1S 25 1 94x60x52 92x56x120